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    Custom Case HQC-c 015

    Mode No.: HQC-c 015
    Dimension: 200*200*400 MM
    External: Aluminum
    Internal: Can be customized

    Product Origin: Changzhou,China
    Price Terms: USD 7-20/piece FOB Shanghai
    Port Origin: Shanghai, China
    Minimum Order: 100 pieces,the more the price will be cheaper
    Supply Capacity: 100000 pieces /month
    Packing Instruction: Firstly?use?the?bubble?bag,than use the carton packaged
    Delivery Lead Time: 30-35days after samples approval
    Shipment: We will send you latest preferential price of shipping for your reference.
    Payment: By T/T 30% deposit after order confirmed,70% balance against B/L copy

    For this custom aluminum case, it has big and strong round profile. It is very big style profile, and it is smooth one. For this style profile, to let customer know which dimension could do, we explain in detail:
    1. Length, smallest could be 200 MM, biggest one could be 1000 MM
    2.Width, smallest could be 200 MM, biggest one could be 500 MM
    3.Height, smallest could be 110 MM, biggest one could be 600 MM
    From these size, you could build a dimension which fit you roughly. Then we could check it again for you.
    For the panel of case, this one is smooth aluminum panel. It is nice, but it is easy to have scratch. So, if you want the case to be very strong, we suggest to use diamond panel or fireproof panel.
    For the inner lining, it is 2 MM EVA as inner lining. Then customer could put their own cut foam or products into case. Of course, if you need us help to do inner lining, we could do them too. We have different inner lining, for detail, please check http://www.lstemmerbooks.com/Interior-of-Aluminum-Case.htm
    When you need custom case, please feel free to contact HQC. We will do our best to find suitable case for you. HQC welcome you at any time.


    From 2010 to 2018, we rented workshops for production in Changzhou  In 2019, we built our own factory in Chuzhou,
    and set up an office in Changzhou.


    Our products and accessories have passed different tests and get certificates such as ISO, ROHS, REACH, PFOA, PFOS.


    Most of our workers have more than 6-year working experience in making cases, who can control and improve product quality.


    We accept customization in color, logo, lining etc.

       ? Silver color is usual one
       ? Other color is more
           expensive than silver one
       ? Printing logo is usual style
       ? Others have different
       ? Different inner lining could
          meet different requirements



    Cases of different styles are available. We provide more choices to meet various applications




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